Kauffman Rethink Ed | ABOUT RETHINK ED
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Rethink Ed is a gathering of community,
coming together to explore what education can be.

This convening will be the first step in the Kansas City region, across two state lines, to explore the transformation of the high school diploma in order for all students to graduate ready for life, college and career.

Who should attend?

Individuals who want to reimagine education to ensure every student is ready for education, work, and life after high school. We welcome business leaders, community members, parents, educators, high school students, faith and clergy leaders and non-profits focused on the success of students in the Kansas City region. National leaders active in rethinking high school are invited to learn about the innovation taking place in Kansas City.

Why should people attend?

Attendees will have the opportunity to experience learning in a new way, connect with local and national exemplars of education innovation, participate in interactive sessions and provide their own reflections on reimagining what it means to earn a high school diploma in the mid-21st century.

Why is Kauffman doing this event?

The high school diploma is no longer a measure of whether a student has been prepared for life, school and career. It is time to change that condition – creating a new high school experience that prepares students for the evolving future of work. Kansas City has many bright spots of innovation in multiple districts and schools in our region. Now we need the broader community to make this a reality for all students, not just some.

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